Wireless Innovation bring Chinese films in USA
Wireless Innovation LLC, 2005,

New Released

Four Little Shaolin Gongfu Stars


Our company specializes in the distribution of Chinese films to North America. Our goal is to further the understanding of the Chinese culture to the West. W-Innovation has been a company of over 10 years of international experience. We pertain our goals of teaching and sharing valuable lessons and knowledge through the means of media. 


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Our company only acquires good quality award winning titles. We sell a wide variety of movies you can choose from, ranging from children to family movies! All movies contain english subtitles providing good chances for those who wish to learn the Chinese language. This is the best way to learn the Chinese culture and history, through full length films.























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The Reading Boy

Wu Jian Xiong

The Star and The Sea

A little hero's legend of Yue fei

Looking Forward to Home

Oriental King Lion

Shaolin Kongfu Little Star       

Empty Train

Ready to Run

Chengcheng War Flame

Busy For Nothing     

Crane Ballad


                 New Coming Teacher Lee

                 I Wanna Be a Star

                 The Ring of Rainbow Flower

                 Adventures in Character Kingdom

                 The Exam

                 Tu Lou My Home

                 Empyreal Doctor

                 A Village So Far Away

                 Nima's Summer

                 New Boy Jiali

                 Promising Blossom

                 The Rain in The Spring

                 New Year is Really Nice

                 Speical Zone Youth

                 Haohao Makes Havoc in Wordless City

Haohao's 3rd Visit to Strange City

The Happiness Swan
The Egret Talker
The Master of Chinese Tradition Medicine
Dream Girl
Oriental King Lion
The singer
From the mountains to the city
Magical Tortoise

My Hot Mother

Sunshine In Your Heart

Boy on horseback

Arranged Meals For Teachers

The Story of A Piano

Love on the shore
Dance by the mind

Moon Boat

The Noodle Man

The Call of Maiji Mountain

Notturno in the Fisherboat

The rise of the king Modu


Chengying Rescues the Orphan

Gentle Breeze Pavilion

The Lore On Execution Ground

Children of the Silver Screen